Questions & Answers

Can we bring our vehicle to West Michigan Collision & Mechanical if our insurance company directs us to another collision shop?
Yes, you have the legal right to choose which shop should repair your vehicle. Many insurance companies have a relationship with a collision shop to simplify doing estimates and billing, but these shops are frequently not the greatest shops. You should choose the best shop and we hope you will choose West Michigan Collision & Mechanical.

Is there a difference in paint and finishing materials? Do all shops use similar refinishing products?
There is a broad range of paint and finishing materials and collision repair facilities use a variety of products. We use PPG waterborne base coats because they provide the best color match and are the most environmentally friendly. Auto manufacturers use waterborne paints and PPG is the leader in this field. Refinishing (clear coats) provides the shine to the paint and comes in several grades. We use high grade clears which are much more expensive but last longer. Some shops reduce their costs with lower grade refinishing.

Why is it important for West Michigan Collision & Mechanical to have an ASE Master Technician?
Today's vehicles are very complex and require a technician who is highly trained. Master Technician is the highest level of certification and knowledge, and can handle most any repair. Many automotive repair shops do not have a Master Technician on staff.